Pawłowice Palace invites you to the spa area where you can relax and take care of the harmony of body and spirit. We thought of many ways to relax and regenerate the body, you can choose from among them one that best suits you.

For our guests we have:
  • Swimming pool with wave and a cascade
  • A Finnish sauna - dry with relatively low humidity,
  •  The infrared sauna - no steam and low temperature, where through the use of infrared radiant energy and penetrating the body is heated from the "inside"
  • Two Jacuzzi tubs (for 4 and 8 people), which will experience unforgettable moments by using the water-massage and hydro-air, during which dropped from a specially placed jets, bubbles, great massage your body, ensuring peace and relaxation,
  • Solarium - capsule whereby you retain a beautiful tan year-round (1,20 zł / min)
  • Fitness room with toy bicycles, treadmill and atlas
  • Salt cave


    You can use the spa area for individual non-guests of a hotel. However, please advance booking dates please dial the reception.

    Price for every hour 15 zł

    Monthly ticket 10 / h 120 zł
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